Speed Balls

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Speed Balls

This is a game for learning English vocabulary items. It only uses text and images. The idea of the game is to move the image to the matching text so that you match up the image and vocabulary item.
You can select from a range of content items to play with. Then to play the game you have to read the words and look at the images and then drag the images over the text hole.
The game continues until the timer runs out or you complete all the items. The timer gets quicker and quicker as you progress and you have to be quick to continue to play.
If the time goes too quickly then you can choose to play in slow mode instead by clicking on the slow button instead of the fast button.
I hope you enjoy playing this games and can learn some English vocabulary with it.
Feel free to leave any comments you like although non English or offensive comments will be deleted.

55 comments on “Speed Balls
  1. Neha Batool says:

    It is very good game

  2. Owais nadeem says:

    Boring games

  3. chimgee says:

    Good game

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