Grammar Bubbles

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Grammar Bubbles

This is a game for Learners of English as a second language. The game focuses on different grammar points and the meaning of some words. You see a set of bubbles with words in and then you have to click the bubbles to select the words and make sentences. The idea is to construct sentences from the words in the bubbles. However the sentences have to be grammatically accurate. The first set of bubbles has the subjects “I”, “He” and “She” and the verbs like in forms “like” and “likes” and so you have to use the words in the appropriate way and construct genuine sentences. Other sets of bubbles focus on other grammar points such as past tense, prepositions, subject verb agreement, plural and singular nouns comparisons, negative agreements.
The aim when making this game was to make a way for players to actively make sentences from a set of words so that the player is constructing sentences themselves then also to have some kind of feedback about the grammatical accuracy of the sentence.
As the player selects bubbles the words appear at the top of the screen.
If the player makes an grammar error while constructing a sentence then the error shows up and the player can see the mistake they made. So for example if a player were to construct a sentence “I likes bananas” then the middle word would be underlined in red and the correct word “like” would appear above it. Or if the order of the words in the sentence is mixed up then red arrows appear showing that the words need to be re-arranged.
When an accurate sentence is constructed the bubbles used disappear and the bubbles above them fall down.
Once all the bubbles in a set have been cleared the round is completed and a different set of bubbles fall down.
Each set of bubbles has a different grammar point.
There is also a slow countdown timer that runs down. If the time runs out before the bubbles have been cleared then the game ends. Alternatively if the player clears all 35 sets of bubbles then the game is won. At the end of the game there is a table for high scores.
I hope you enjoy playing this game and can learn some English while playing.

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    I am a teacher in spain aswell and my name is jeff this game sucks deezz nutz

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    It was amazzzing, l like this game

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    fine game

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    It’s so difficlut.

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    It is very good. Many of my studens and friends like it and improve grammar from it including me.

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