Days of the Week

This is a simple game to practice days of the week in English. The game has text and audio for days of the week and has sentences for context.

The first screen shows the days in order and allows students to click and listen to each in turn. The game then has 3 parts. In the first part, you are presented with the days in a jumbled order and have to re-arrange them correctly. In the second part you have to read or listen to the text and then move the images to the correct day. In the third part, you have to look at the image and then click on the words to make sentences.

Note that in this game Monday is used as the first day of the week. Many countries use Sunday, but I think the majority use Monday and so that is what I went with.

This game does not aim to teach the concept of days and what the days of the week are; rather, it is expected that a teacher would do that in class. The aim of this game is simply to practice and reinforce the language.

There is also a review screen that you can use to view all the language used in the game. Listed below are all the sentences used.

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