Word search

This is a simple online word search game that students can use to practice basic English vocabulary. You have to find the words to match the images before the timer runs out.

Before playing the game, you choose a set of content to use. There are about 30 sets to choose from and they cover a range of vocab topics. The game then selects about 18 items from that set for use in the game; the selection is based on how long the words are. Words such as 'Spaghetti bolognese' are excluded due to being too long.

To play the game, you have at the images and guess the matching words. Then you try to find the words in the jumble of letters. For example, if you see a picture of a phone, you have to find the letters for 'phone'. Spaces are excluded and so 'the sun' is changed to 'thesun'. You can click or tap on the images to see how the words are spelt and there is also a hint button that can be activated by first clicking on the settings button. The challenge comes from finding all the words before the time runs out. If the time runs out, the game is lost but you can retry.

Points are awarded for each word correctly found; however, points are lost for wrong guesses, for clicking on the images and for getting hints.

It is hoped that learning can occur through the association of words, images and audio. The images present meaning and this is paired with the English word through the process of finding the word's letters. This is also reinforced when the audio plays. The game also practices spelling as you have to know how the words are spelt in order to find them.

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