Phrase Maker

Phrase Maker

This is a simple game for practicing English and learning how to form sentences correctly - specifically ESL (English as a second language). To play, you have to click on the options to form a sentence that matches the image shown.

The idea behind this game is to give learners a fun way to practice making phrases. Hence the name. This is quite similar to the game Fast Phrases. The main difference being that this one involves a timer and doesn't not show options in sequence, instead this game shows all the options for each phrase together. Just like Fast Phrases, it is hoped that by playing this game learners can acquire and practice language and associate it with meaning.

To play, you should first look at the image and try to understand the meaning. Then look at the set of options at the bottom and then click the options, in order, to correctly form a phrase which describes the meaning of the image. While playing, there is a timer that slowly runs down. This speeds up as the game progresses and it is hoped that this adds an element of challenge to the game which makes it more engaging. If the timer runs out, the game finishes and the player progresses to the high scores screen. Alternatively, if the player progresses through all the content twice, the game will also complete.

The idea is that by forming the phrases in a trial and error type way, they can be studied and re-enforced effectively. In order to do this, it is necessary to have some wrong words displayed as mistakes that can be made. The number of wrong words displayed increases as the player progresses and in this way, it gets more difficult. On a basic level, this game allows the player to study English by having them practice forming phrases correctly in a way that matches the meaning of the image shown. So, I really hope that the meaning of the images is clear and can be easily understood.

If you dislike the timer, or find that it runs down too quickly, then you can choose the 'slow' option at the first screen. This is much the same as the normal game except with the countdown timer removed.

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  1. Gabriel says:

    I want to learn English.

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    hi… i just came here to learned some English

  4. Amosh Nivrutti Bhure says:

    i am fine.

  5. Amosh Nivrutti Bhure says:

    good afternoon.. I want to learn grammar English more.

  6. tolqin says:

    it’is good

  7. Brad Hodge says:

    English language is best known language for better growth in jobs. People having good English can get quick promotions in their jobs.

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  10. louie says:

    can i buy your games?

  11. ???? ????????? says:

    I want to Learn English

  12. vanluyen says:

    that is great game. How can i download to my PC?

    • Odwyer says:

      Sorry, it’s not possible at the moment. Other games can be downloaded by following the ‘downloads’ link at the top.

  13. Erzana Ahmeti says:

    This game is great!I love to learn english with this game!I love to play this game every single day and every single moment!thank you!!!

  14. rahil farah says:

    good luck

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