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In this game you can practice English numbers. You have to listen to or read English language for numbers and then race to the matching numbered corner. Learning the numbers in English is a basic but quite important area. In particular learning to differentiate teen numbers with multiples of ten such as seventeen and seventy is quite important and is something that even learners at higher levels sometimes have trouble with.
With this game I hope that learners of English as a second language can practice and review number language in a fun way.
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19 comments on “Numbers
  1. danna says:

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  4. yaoyu says:

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  7. matin says:

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  8. Reza says:

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  9. Reza says:

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  10. FRESKU says:

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  11. alba74541 says:

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  12. alba74541 says:

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  13. Ola K Ase says:

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