Interactive Whiteboard Games

Games for Learning English with an Interactive Whiteboard

If you're an English teacher and are looking for some content to use with interactive whiteboard that you can touch and display images on then you might find this content useful.

IWB tornado learning English Game Tornado - Typhoon type point scoring game

IWB faceoff learning English Game Faceoff - Two player English vocabulary games for IWB

IWB hangman learning English Game Hangman - English spelling game for IWB

IWB four in a row learning English Game Four in a row - Line up four tiles

IWB balloon learning English Game Balloon - Two teams try to pop balloons

IWB killer learning English Game Killer - Team based point scoring game

IWB clock learning English Game Clock - Practice setting the time

IWB hotseat learning English Game Hot Seat - Describe vocabulary items in English

IWB reveal images learning English Game Reveal - Slowly reveal vocabulary items

IWB concentration learning English Game Concentration - Match English vocabulary items

IWB spelling learning English Game Speller - Spell different vocabulary items

IWB stopper learning English Game Stopper - Point scoring game

You can also download all this content in one file by clicking link below.

All games

Click on the link or right click and select "save target as" or "save link as".

The download is about 80mb and is in rar format so you need to extract the files to another folder. You can contact me if you have any problems.

The content is generally based on games that I found to be quite effective with a normal whiteboard or chalkboard except made to be easier to facilitate and more engaging. An example would the game of Typhoon that I have played many a time with a chalk board. In this game there is a grid of about 25 squares and the students in two teams take turns choosing a square. Each square has a points value and that number of points are added to their team's score then the team with the most points at the end wins. This game always worked well and engaged the students effectively however, I think it works a lot better and more smoothly in this IWB format as the setup is instantaneous and the scores are added to each team automatically. What's more the appearance makes it more interesting for the students.

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