Update January 2017 This game was made more than 5 years ago and is quite out of date now. There is a new version that is made with HTML5 that you can find by following the link below.


The reason for the new version was that the original was made using flash and so would no longer work for a lot of users. The new version is still completely front end and only uses HTML, Javascript and CSS. Because of this, it should work without any problems on most mobile phones and tablets.

The new version also has a few minor improvements based on comments that were made here and elsewhere. The timer is less important now and there is more focus on just the number of guesses made. There are also a few changes to make it slightly easier and some improvements in the image content that is used.

This is version of the classic letter guessing game hangman. You are shown a set of blank letters and have to guess what the word is. You guess by picking letters and seeing if they are in the word. However if you pick a letter that is not in the word a man is slowly drawn. With each wrong letter guess the man is drawn more and more. When the man is finished he is hung and the game is lost. The vowels appear on the left and the consonants on the right. As with other games you can choose the content you want to practice spelling first and then you are show one of ten possible words. There is a countdown timer than runs down slowly at first but then more and more quickly.

I hope you have fun playing this game and that you can learn or improve your English at the same time. Leave a comment if you want to.