There is an new version of this game made without flash - click here

Update Jan 2017 This game seems to still be popular even though it was made more than 7 years ago and uses software (flash) that a lot of browsers do not even have. This seems to be because there are quite a few links directly to this page - most users come from Google. I guess this is because this game is quite specific in the language that is practiced; teachers can study time telling in class and then get their students to review the content here. At the same time, to me this game looks quite dated and unappealing. I don't think the game itself is very interesting and think the menus are quite out of place. What's more, the game won't work at all on mobile or tablet devices. I don't have any plans to make a new version of this game, but will continue to keep an eye on the visitor numbers.

Practice telling the time in English with this fun game.

At the first screen there is a clock that you can play around with. As you move the hands of the clock to different times you can read how that time is told in English. So if you adjust the clock to half past six then the English way of saying that time is shown.

I hope that English learners can use this to study or review how to tell the time in English. This can often be a difficult area for learners of English as a second language. In Thai for example the day is divided into four parts instead of two. However telling the time is an important and useful part of learning a language.

After the first screen you can play a game where you have to read the text and the click on the clock that shows the time being described. I hope that by playing this game learners can re-enforce the language they study from the clock on the first screen. The challenge of the game comes in helping the small man across the bridge by not making any mistakes. I hope that you can enjoy playing this game and can learn and review some English while doing so. Leave any comments you have below in English.