Fast Hands

Update January 2017 There is a new version of this game that can be found by following the link below.

Fast English

The reason for the new version is that this one is quite dated and has a few serious issues. This one was made more than 6 years ago and while it still works for most users, it isn't completely compatible with modern browsers. The new version is made completely with HTML5 and so can be viewed on most mobile phones and tablets. This version is made with flash, which although good in some respects, causes some problems for some users. Also, the new version has a few changes based on what people commented. Specifically, the speed that the counter runs down at has been altered considerably. It is not that it runs down more slowly, rather it is slower initially and then adapts a lot more to the ability of the user. The timings for this are quite important in that it is the speed that really holds the attention of the player and which really gives the element of challenge. I really hope that the new version can be exciting and engaging for anyone who plays. With that in mind, the adaptation tries to balance the level of challenge to the ability of the player. If someone gives a lot of correct answers really quickly then the game will adapt to this and start to turnaround the images quickly and start to run the time down much faster.

This is a game for learning English focusing on vocabulary items. You listen to the sound or read the word and then click on the matching pictures. It's really easy, fun and hopefully a great way to learn and review words. You can choose the content you want to play with and there are more than 500 vocabulary items in total.

First you click on 'fast' and then select you vocabulary category. Then listen or read the word and click on the matching picture. The game finishes when the time bar at the bottom runs out. But you get extra time added each time you correctly click on an image. The timer goes faster and faster so you need to have fast reflexes. The same set of ten items will repeat endlessly and you can increase your score with each correct hit. However there is a count down timer that is always decreasing. You get additional time with each correct vocabulary word but the speed of the count down increases constantly so eventually you will run out of time. The challenge is to get as high a score as possible before the game finishes. There is a high score table at the end which shows the top players and where they come from. At the first screen you get two options either 'fast' or 'slow'. There are the same game only the speed and possible score is different.

This version can be downloaded for use on a desktop - if you click on the download button at the top of the page then you can see a list available for download.

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