Embed Fast English

The content highlighted in blue is pre-selected and loads automatically. Make sure you choose the content that you wish to use for your embedded game, as only that content set will load. The game will not load if no content is selected. To embed, select the text and paste it into a suitable area on your site.

Contact me or leave a comment if you have any problems with this.

15 comments on “Embed Fast English
  1. Azmin bin Shahrul Nizam says:

    The best game.

  2. holiday says:

    it is okay

  3. aadarsh says:

    Most beautiful

  4. maram says:

    it doesn’t work

  5. Giang Lê Hoàng says:

    Thank you! Can you enable embed function for other flash games on your site.


  6. Andrés says:

    Hello, first of all. Thx a lot for the ganes.
    The audio doesnt work in Android phones.
    Is there a way to make it work?

  7. philatelic says:


  8. Eidah says:

    How can play this game it doesn’t open with me?!

  9. Bodor says:

    I want to play but I don’t know how?

  10. dominiquegamer says:

    i want to play

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