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You can download this site's content to use on your computer without internet connection. Or you can put these games on your students' computers in a classroom.

Click on the link or right click and select "save target as" or "save link as".

The files are in .rar format, you need to have WinRAR to extract them. WinRAR

Fast English learning English Game Fast English - Learn English vocabulary items in a fun way

Fast Phrases learning English Game Fast Phrases - Make sentences in English

Falling English learning English Game Fast Falling - Arrange phrases to match the images

Hangman learning English Game Hangman - Spell words against the man

Bubbles learning English Game Bubbles English - Practice making English sentences

Spelling Bee learning English Game Spelling Bee - Spell vocabulary items in a fun way

Animal Mystery learning English Game Animal Mystery - Practice making questions in English

Concentration learning English Game Concentration - Match English words and pictures

Describer learning English Game Describer English - Read descriptions and match the image

Phrase Maker learning English Game Phrase Maker - Learn English phrases

The following links are for games made using Flash. They should be quicker and more compact than the HTML versions, but they are also older and not as good.

Fast hand learning English Game Fast Hands - Learn English vocabulary items in a fun way

Speed Balls English Game Speed Balls - Practice matching images and pictures with English vocabulary

Grammar Bubblesglish Game Grammar Bubbles - Practice English grammar in a fun way

Falling Clouds English Game Falling Clouds - Fun with English sentence order

Hangman English Game Hangman - A version of the classic game for practicing vocabulary spelling

Spelling Bee English Game Spelling Bee - A game to practice English spelling for vocabulary items

Concentration English Game Concentration - Match English words and pictures

Slow Click English Game Slow Click - A game to practice English

Big Describer English Game Big Describer - Practice English language descriptions for vocabulary items

Desert Drag English Game Desert Drag - A game to practice English vocabulary

Compare English Game Compare - Practice making comparative sentences in English

If you are an English teacher and use an Interactive whiteboard in class, then you can download some content specifically made for IWBs - follow the link below.

Interactive White Board Games

I hope you find this content useful. Leave any comments below.

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  1. Tran Thi Khuong says:

    These games are very good. Thank you so much.

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    Flash games are very useful. It would be great to have more flash games in the list.

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    excellent work with these games it is possible to engage more the learners.

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    love the games

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    Thank you very much for this great work. Very kind for sharing it.

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    Thank you so much for the english games program

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    They are the perfect games to teach 2nd language speakers.

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    thank you so much, but there is no version for Macbook

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    Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful games. I found them super useful when teaching kids. Greetings from Slovakia.

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    Your resources are very useful for my efl classes especially at rural areas in which teachers like me do not count with internet conntection.. Thank you for this amazing proyect Greetings from Argentina

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    thank you so much for your hard work

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