Desert Drag

This is a vocabulary game for practicing English vocab items. It's similar to other games on this site with a few differences. You can choose a set of content to use. The sets are all of ten items and there are more than five hundred different items. When the game starts you will see a bunch of images and then hear or read a word. You simply click on the matching image and your counter then moves to that image and stays on it. At the same time there is a counter running down from five to zero. Once this reaches zero only the correct image will stay all the rest will disappear. If your counter is on the correct vocabulary item then you survive. Otherwise the game is over for you. The idea is to practice matching images with words and sounds and to practice English vocabulary in (hopefully) a fun way. The countdown gets faster and faster and so you should be challenged by the speed. Eventually the count down goes too quickly and the game finishes. The set of ten vocabulary items repeats continuously and so you get repeated exposure to the same items. Leave a comment below in any language you like. Comments need to be approved by me first due to excessive spam and offensive postings.