Practice present simple tense verbs.

Look at the images and make sentences.

Listen and click on the correct images.

Practice making sentences in past tense.

Click and drag the words to match the images.

Click on the words and make questions.

Move the objects to match the prepositions.

Guess the job and practice job language.

Describe the images by making sentences.

Guess the word or phrase as the image is revealed.

Read the sentences and move the clothes.

Listen and move the weather images to the countries.

Find the words to match the images. Practice spelling.

Look at the images and make comparatives.

Look at the image and then spell the word.

Interactive clock to practice telling the time.

Read the description and click on the matching image.

Listen and click on the correct food images.

Reveal the images and click on the words.

Practice future tense sentences with 'Going To'.

Find the matching pairs of images and words.

Practice making sentences in perfect tense.

Move the clouds to make sentences.

Listen to the numbers and move the monster.

Make conditional phrases to match the images.

Click the words to practice making phrasal verbs.

Speaking practice. Say the vocab items.

Speaking practice. Say the phrases.

Guess the animal by forming questions.

Click the bubbles and construct sentences.

Listen to the words and click on the images.

Guess letters to spell out a hidden word.