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This game is a version of the classic game concentration. Intended here to help students learn vocabulary items by matching images and words. You can also listen to the audio when you look at the images. The game is simple and hopefully fun. You click on pairs of squares and match the words to the pictures. If you reveal a matching pair of picture - word then you get points and those squares disappear. You have to match all the images and words as quickly as possible. The concentration part comes in remembering where the images or words are. The time you have to match all the squares runs down quickly and so you have to be faster and faster in each round.

74 comments on “Concentration
  1. mistik says:

    is not as interesting

  2. sevda says:

    yes,? do super games……. ? am from turkey……………………..? love you

  3. dewi says:

    it’s good,so happy and i like it(games)

  4. Néstor says:

    cool game, this is a great way to learn English language, I really like it.

  5. asiil says:

    it is a niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee game thenk you

  6. asiil says:

    thenk you

  7. Callista says:

    Niiiiicccceeee game

  8. Kai Lin xiao zu zu says:

    It is so diffult……….

  9. marcoonline says:

    is good game

  10. pilypas says:

    Why is there no shop

  11. Kirsten says:

    I wish it would show the pictures longer and that time didnt run out so fast. Its very difficult for younger children

  12. prathap says:

    how can i download this game

  13. MªBelén says:

    ¡¡¡¡Is very good.!!!!!

  14. janani says:

    how can i download this game

  15. jarex says:

    lol :/ ^..^ i can’t like the game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lollololololol

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