About This Site

My name is Owen and I make this site in my spare time.

The aim of this site is provide a place for students to practice English in an engaging and fun way. A lot of other similar site are more geared towards providing teachers with resources to give to their students, but the intention this site is to be a resource that language learners can use independently. With that in mind I have tried to tailor things more towards students by using less text based instructions and easier to follow interfaces. The main page for example only has a brief summary of each game and the games themselves are quite easy to figure out and interact with. However, it is necessary to have some text descriptions and longer text articles to that search engines can better index the site appropriately.

The games are aimed at a relatively low level of English with pretty much all the content being around elementary level. A lot of the vocabulary content would probably even be more like introductory or pre-elementary level. The reason for this is simply that it is a lot easier to make games that use simple content than it is to make ones that use difficult abstract concepts. Things like colors or food are easily to represent with an image whereas the something like “multiculturalism” would be much more difficult.

This site has been around since about 2010 with all the games initially being flash based. Recently though, I have started to replace all the flash content with javascript versions. Using javascript is actually more difficult and time consuming that flash, however, more and more people are using the web on phones and tablets that do not have flash enabled and so this is a necessary change. Last time I checked, something like half the visitors to this site were using an Android or iOS device. Using javascript is made easier by using the CreateJS framework which I highly recommend. This framework is basically a bunch of code resources that makes it easier to do things with javascript.

I quite like to receive feedback and always try to reply to any emails sent through the contact page.