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The comments that are posted on this site are usually great and really helpful. I often read the comments and then make changes to the content or consider the feedback when making new content.
The comments can also be a good way for learners to practice English and perhaps even make new friends. A lot of the time though highly offensive comments are submitted and so I have to hold each comment for moderation and then manually approve each one as soon as I can. It’s quite funny that people would submit extremely rude and offensive comments and expect them to be approved.
Also a lot of the comments that are submitted are not in English. Particularly comments in Spanish are posted a lot I guess maybe a lot of visitors from South America visit the site and are more likely to post comments.
However in the past there have been some problems with offensive comments posted in non-English. As I don’t understand Spanish it’s hard to pick up on comments that are offensive in another language. I used to run all non-English comments through google translate and then if they didn’t seem offensive then I’d approve them. But a few times I unintentionally approved comments that were offensive using slang or other phrases that google didn’t recognize and so now any comments that are submitted not in English can’t be approved. Even comments just saying “Hello” or “Hi” in another language can’t be approved.

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  1. Boualem souhail says:

    You are right of what you Saïd.usually comments have power in them .personnaly,î consider them like proverbes.

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