Problems with this game

Seems this game isn’t easy to understand. A few emails and comments have said that the instructions aren’t clear and it’s not easy to see what to do. When making this game I thought about it for a while and I didn’t think it would be that complicated but it’s hard to see things from the point of view of the site visitor.
When playing this game you have to hold the mouse down and move it over the bubbles to make sentences but this isn’t really an intuitive way to interact. I guess a lot of people have played other games where you just click on the bits and they disappear.
So I think I’ll have to alter this game so that it’s easier. Switching it so that you just click on the bubbles in order and make sentences would be much more straight forward. The difficult thing is then how to switch the position of two bubbles. A lot of the time it’s not possible to make a sentence and so you have to re-arrange the bubbles first. So I’ll need to think of a way to re-arrange the bubbles too.
Also the intro bit at the start where you click and make the sentences will go.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dunno what’s wrong with the game. Instructions are clear and precise. It’s really easy to use. Thanks a lot!!!

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