Spin the Arrow

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Spin the arrow

This is a game for learning English vocabulary items. You can select different sets of vocabulary and then practice matching the words or sounds with the images. You have to click on the matching image to fire and hit the target.
This aim of this game is to review English language in a fun way so as to make reviewing and learning more interesting.
There are many different sets of items to choose from and you can replay as much as you like.
I hope that you enjoy playing this game and can learn some useful language form it too.
Feel free to leave any comments you have below.

12 comments on “Spin the Arrow
  1. Dulce says:

    MARIO!!! –‘

  2. kairy says:

    I <3 THIS GAME

  3. kairy says:

    I <3 THIS GAME

  4. yudy alejandra aldana mera says:

    i like this game

  5. .HUNG says:


  6. sadiya says:

    not bad u all love this boreing game

  7. Loke sweden says:

    I hate this NOOB game

  8. pedro silva says:

    I don`t like this game !

  9. Kirsten says:

    very hard for young kids, wish you could choose the speed

  10. Mohamed Ahmed Adem says:

    That’s Is Play It’s So Boring Ah

  11. kurdstan says: