Space Prepositions

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Space Prepositions

Here you can practice English language for prepositions. You read the preposition and then fire the ball to the location that matches.
Prepositions is an important and quite basic part of English. It’s useful for making basic sentences and talking in general.
This game was meant to be a good way to practice the language for prepositions and to help learners of English as a second language to improve their English ability.
If you don’t know all the language used then you can look at the review page and study the prepositions from there.
I hope you learn and review some new language with this game in a fun way.
Feel free to leave any comments below.

6 comments on “Space Prepositions
  1. marije says:

    what a great way to learn English ! kids love it!

  2. thant htun Su Aung says:

    this game is very good.i love it.

  3. kawtar says:

    i love oll this games couse it’s very nice old the best

  4. valentino says:

    this is a good game to learn

  5. mela246815 says:


  6. Greek alani says:

    hello I’m from Greece this no very good game