This is a simple game for practicing English vocabulary for items you find in the home. Vocabulary is an important part of learning English and so learning vocabulary items is always useful. The vocabulary used in this game all concern the home such as furniture or computer items. You simple read or listen to the word and then click on the matching image. If you don't know then you can guess. There are about twenty items which repeat through continuously so that you meet the same vocabulary many times and hopefully through this the language is re-enforced. There is a count down timer which goes down from five to zero and once it reaches zero the game finishes. However the timer gets a boost each time you get a correct hit on vocabulary item. So this way you can continue for a long time. However the count down gets faster and faster and so eventually it's really hard to click the correct image in time and the game ends. I hope you enjoy playing this game and can learn some English from it. Please leave comments below.