Spelling Bee English

Spelling Bee

Update January 2018 - Typing was made easier. Also, just to be clear, this game is mainly aimed at ESL (English as a second language) students.

Typing should be working again. August 2016

I have made a few changes to this game in line with feedback from a few different people. When the game finishes loading, you can now choose either "Easy" or "Hard" mode. Easy mode is short and slow while fast mode is the same length as before and a little bit faster than previously. This change was made because a few people commented that going through 40-60 items was too many and resulted in a loss of interest. I would definitely agree that this is the case for a lot of users and especially for users at a lower level who take a long time to spell each word.

At the same time, I know that there are a lot of users who are really good at this game and can race through dozens of words really quickly. Looking at the high scores tables, it is also apparent that a lot of you are using the keyboard to spell the words really quickly. For more advanced users, such as these, the option of hard mode remains and has been made a little bit faster towards the end. I would be very impressed with anyone who can finish the "Aminals 2" set of content.

Also, due to these changes, the scoring system has been altered somewhat and is likely to result in new high scores. Finally, For anyone who is interested, you can stop the letters from disappearing by changing the option in the settings screen. Doing this gives a small boost to your score too.

This game uses HTML5 and javascript. For the previous flash version click here

This game is very simple and easy to play. You just look at the image or listen to the audio and then spell the word. You can spell the word by clicking on the letters on the screen. You first select the vocabulary items that you want to practice spelling. Then you are show images in turn and have to spell each one. The faster you spell each item the more score you can accumulate. The game ends when the time runs out. The idea is that by spelling words again and again very quickly you can become a better speller while also having fun playing a game. If you click the wrong letter then you don't lose you can just try another one until you get it right. In this way there is a little bit of trial and error in learning to spell words that you don't know. Leave a comment below in any language you like. Comments need to be approved by me first due to excessive spam and offensive postings.

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  1. elkin manuel} says:

    fastin games}

  2. jean fesdy says:

    this game is a good thing to help improve a children vocabulary

  3. alexander says:

    Bad game

  4. Nikhil Kushwaha says:

    I like it

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