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This new game is quite similar but more developed than this one. Rather than just having three options for each line, there are a whole range of word choices that can be clicked. What's more, instead of just being focused on comparative phrases, you can choose a set of phrase content.

While this game is made using flash, the new game is made from HTML5, javascript and CSS. And so, it is able to be played on mobile phones and tablets.

This is a fun game for learning English specifically reviewing comparatives. You can practice English grammar by selecting the correct word or words to make a complete comparative phrase. Different adjectives use different comparative forms. This game practices using the correct form and also practices sentence construction and subject verb agreement.

You are presented with a phrase with one or more blanks and then you must click on the missing word to complete the phrase in the correct way.

The idea behind this game is that there is an element of production whereby a learner must actively construct an accurate sentence from a set of options. So that rather than just reacting to language, as is usual with the other games on this site, the learner has to produce correct language themselves. The comparative form is a good grammar point to use in this game as it is one that English language learners at many levels have problems with and simply raising awareness of the issues with comparatives is worthwhile.

I really hope you like this game as it took a while to think out and make. Leave a comment below. Suggestions and criticisms are more than welcome.