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Fast hand learning English Game Fast Hands - Learn English vocabulary items in a fun way

Speed Balls English Game Speed Balls - Practice matching images and pictures with English vocabulary

Grammar Bubblesglish Game Grammar Bubbles - Practice English grammar in a fun way

Falling Clouds English Game Falling Clouds - Fun with English sentence order

Hangman English Game Hangman - A version of the classic game for practicing vocabulary spelling

Spelling Bee English Game Spelling Bee - A game to practice English spelling for vocabulary items

Concentration English Game Concentration - Match English words and pictures

Slow Click English Game Slow Click - A game to practice English

Big Describer English Game Big Describer - Practice English language descriptions for vocabulary items

Desert Drag English Game Desert Drag - A game to practice English vocabulary

Compare English Game Compare - Practice making comparative sentences in English

You can download this site's content to use it on your computer without internet connection. Or you can put these games on your students' computers in your classroom.

Click on the link or right click and select "save target as" or "save link as".

The files are in .rar format, you need to have WinRAR to extract them. WinRAR

Follow this link to download all the content. Click on the link or right click and select "save target as" or "save link as".

Desktop Versions

The download is about 80mb and is in rar format so you need to extract the files to another folder. You can contact me if you have any problems.

If you are an English teacher and use an Interactive whiteboard in class then you can download some content specifically made for IWBs from this page here.

Interactive White Board Games

I hope you find this content useful. Leave any comments below.

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  1. Ranim Hamrouni says:

    I like it very much thank you

  2. The Nguyen says:

    Those games are very useful, thank you so much!

  3. Nasr says:

    That’s very motivating!! Can you work on more games please!!!

  4. English learner says:

    It’s very helpful and useful tutorials thanks

  5. Rosa Francisco says:

    It will help my daughter to speak English.

  6. Rosa Francisco says:


  7. David Cruz says:

    Good oportunity for learn english, Thanks

  8. Guido Moreira says:

    Hello my name is Guido, recently’m using your site for a school project where children can learn in an easy and fun vocabulary of English language.
    I congratulate you and appreciate what you have done, has been helpful in my research. greetings and blessings from Ecuador.

  9. Jean Claude says:

    I am an ESL Teacher…teaching English to French people…I find your Games…Very…Very…Useful…THANK YOU! J.C.

  10. Karen joy Bargo says:


  11. igresh says:

    I want learn english

  12. Alena Divisova says:

    Fast Hands

  13. Tam says:

    Hi, great games! Is it possible to download games to an iPad or only to a computer? Thanks

  14. Alex Montoya says:


    muchas gracias por endigaesos juegos hara que los niños aprendan de una forma sencilla y practica y divertida, gracias por tomar su tiempo y poner estas estrategias de aprendizaje a nuestro alcance, Dios les bendiga

    thank you very much for endigaesos games make kids learn in a simple and fun and practical way, thanks for taking your time and put these learning strategies within our reach, God bless you

  15. Josmel says:

    Thank you so much for taking your time to help us!

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