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This game is quite old now. Maybe two or three years since I made it and so it looks a bit dated and not that interesting. The main focus of this game was on the clock that you see on the first screen. The clock has hands that you can move around to change the time and then the time in English appears at the bottom. The idea being that playing round with the hands and seeing the time appear is a good way to learn how to say the time in English.
The rest of the game with the guy falling down was really just an after thought as something that allows you to practice the time telling after playing around with the clock.
Originally the button on the right with the play icon would let you hear the time being spoken in English too but somewhere along the line it stopped working. It worked by using Google translate text to speech so that when you click on the play icon button it would send the English to the Google server and then ask it to translate it to English (not really a translation obviously) and then ask the server to return an audio version of the text.
It worked for a while, with a funny robot style voice, but then at some point the Google servers changed how they do things and or changed their policy.
As the game is quite old and not really used much I’m not going to bother removing the play icon button. I’ll probably just leave it up for a year or so and then remove the game.

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  1. Santos Jimenez Calles says:


  2. yeff says:

    I´ve been trying to get the game but it does not work. Can you help me with that?

  3. ruben says:

    este juego es muy interactivo

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  5. Ayman says:

    i love the games

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