Spelling Bee

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Spelling Bee

This game is very simple and easy to play. You just look at the image or listen to the audio and then spell the word. You can spell the word by clicking on the letters on the screen.
You first select the vocabulary items that you want to practice spelling. Then you are show images in turn and have to spell each one. The faster you spell each item the more score you can accumulate. The game ends when the time runs out.
The idea is that by spelling words again and again very quickly you can become a better speller while also having fun playing a game. If you click the wrong letter then you don’t lose you can just try another one until you get it right. In this way there is a little bit of trial and error in learning to spell words that you don’t know.
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259 comments on “Spelling Bee
  1. fernanda says:

    it so ugly

  2. Danail says:

    Good game!!!

  3. The_Villager says:


  4. alexander says:

    this is a sparta, this is a game perfect

  5. Lira Silva says:

    So easy!

  6. neilb4mejnr says:

    it has helped me

  7. weam says:

    it is verry beatiful????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. muhammed sidan says:

    only for kids not for high students

  9. jjjj says:

    o spelling bee é brutalmente fixe . wow nice

  10. jeff says:

    this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard

  11. Bavya Sara Binoj says:


  12. Milena says:

    I like this game very much it is good for increasing vocabulary .

  13. milena says:


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